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Frequently Asked Questions

If I do not plan on renewing my lease, how much notice should be given?
Pech Properties issues lease renewals 70-days prior to your lease expiring. This gives you the option to renew your lease for another year term or submit your 60-day notice. For example, if your lease is due to expire July 31st; we would need a written notice on or before June 1st of your intent to vacate. If for some reason you are in need of vacating your apartment before your lease expires, we will still need a 60-day written notice. However, you will still be held responsible for the rent, utilities, and lease charges, until the apartment is re-rented or your lease expires.

Why am I receiving a 5-day notice and what do I do next?
Under certain circumstances 5-day notices are issued for a tenant to vacate their apartment. Usually this is due to unpaid rent, excessive noise complaints, unauthorized animals or roommates and failure to comply with the lease agreement. If you have been issued a 5-day notice, the next step is to call our office to make necessary arrangements to avoid eviction or court action.

My building provides heat, when am I able to open and close my storm windows?
You will be notified when it is time your storm windows should be closed and when you are able to open them. Due to the ever changing seasons, times vary as to when the heat will be turned on and off. Please call our office if you have any issues regarding your heat.

I love my apartment but my roommate needs to move. What do I do if I want to stay?
We would encourage you to find another roommate. A new roommate will have to go through the application process to be approved. If you decide to get a new roommate in the middle of your lease term a processing fee will be applied.
Written notification will be needed and signed by all parties agreeing to the release of a roommate’s name from the lease. Please call our office for more details regarding this process.

What if there is no parking available at my building but I have a car?
Some of our buildings do not have parking available for each unit. If this is the case then contact the village or city in which you reside. Contact information is available on our website under the resources tab.